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Cedar Summit Country Vista Cubby House

A wonderful KidKraft Cubby House donated by Hazel McNamara featuring double doors, large windows, shaded porch and play kitchen. Large enough to furnish with child-sized furniture and complete with its own weathervane.

The KidKraft Country Vista playhouse features unique double doors that welcome kids into a wide space to explore and make believe farmhouse living. Kids and parents alike will love the quaint exterior features: generously sized rounded windows, warm grey toned wood, and a timeless weathervane. Accents of white and red add to the refreshing, barn like atmosphere, and the open window with ledge is a cute spot for children to play pretend in their fruit and vegetable stand or snack shop. They can write out today’s fresh crops or specials on the chalkboard and use the moveable-hands clock to set their opening hours.

The shaded space on the side with dual benches is the perfect spot for guests to relax with their treats. Inside, children will adore the kitchen sink and burners that enhance their pretend cooking. With the broad entryway, kids can bring in their own furniture to personalise their house, even a bicycle could fit in the space! Assembly is required, but the EZ Kraft Assembly makes installation a matter of unpacking and unfolding.

Brand KidKraft
Product Dimensions L 156 x W 145 x H 160 cm
Material Wood, plastic, fabric
Model Number P280097

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